Monday, July 30, 2012

The Pearl

I'm new to blogging so this shall be interesting. ha ha

Today I shall be reviewing The Pearl. I was assigned this book for summer reading. The Pearl was not something I would have read on my own. Also for my summer reading I had to write a journal about the book, which made reading even more unexciting.

I started reading The Pearl and had some hope that I would enjoy it at least a little. Sadly this is not what happened. I found The Pearl to be uninteresting. 


First off the baby getting stung was barely interesting to me. Also Kino's habit of making everything into a song got annoying the second time it happened. The doctor refusing to threat the child was something that seemed to just be expected. When Kino and his family go pearl diving and his wife prays for them to find a pearl instead of for her child's health it's like REALLY COME ON! YOUR CHILD IS DYING AND YOUR PRAYING FOR A PEARL?!?!? I just didn't get that at all. I really wanted to scream at how stupid that was. Anyhow they find a pearl and not just any pearl The Pearl of The World. Another thing I found stupid was him telling everybody oh hey I found a pearl. I mean really you find a pearl that anyone would go crazy for and you decided to tell everybody that you have it. NOT SMART! So of course to make the book have some conflict there has to be drama with the pearl. Not only are people trying to steal it, but they try to kill Kino. Kino gets greedy with his pearl and when they don't offer what he wants to be paid for it he's like no I don't want your money. Ok dude you have like no money to your name and this pearl just take the money they want to give you anything is an improvement. I couldn't get over him just not selling the pearl. Then his wife tries to throw in back in water so they won't be in danger and he beats the crap out of her because of it. This really made me mad, but what made me even madder about it was that his wife was like oh it's ok I expected him to beat me half to death so I'm fine with it. I was seriously shaking my head at this point. Next they try to escape and run away from their problems in the town and go sell the pearl elsewhere. Well this doesn't work cause people start tracking them for the pearl. Kino and his family end up hiding in some caves to get away from them. While the people are camped out Kino decides Oh hey let me go down and attack them. The trackers end up shooting his baby. So after the fight between Kino and the trackers him and his wife return to their town with their dead baby and throw the pearl in the water. All of this could have been avoided if Kino had just let his wife throw away the pearl in the first place. 

The only themes I got from the book was be careful what you wish for.

All around I found this book to be awful and not enjoyable in the least. I do have to say it's not the worse book I have ever read though. 

Well that was my first review and blog post!